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A Day's Cooking Class  

We are really pleased to have arranged this day of cooking Oaxaca style with the owners of the Quince Letras restaurant, Celia and Fidel. They are a delightful couple and utterly sincere about bringing their art in its richest and most authentic form both to the customers who come to their restaurant and to those who would love to learn something of this magnificient cuisine.
Be prepared for a gastronomic delight! Vegetarians and dietary requirements catered for.

Celia with typical Oaxacan dishes

The day starts with a cup of coffee or tea where we decide the menu. Normally we begin by visiting the La Merced market where we look for the ingredients on our shopping list and identify other ingredients representative of the region. Generally we will try to make two types of tortillas, three salsas, an appetizer, soup and one of the many possible "moles" - these are an intrinsic part of Mexican cooking and very important to understanding the cuisine of the region. We'll round up by making guacamole and a dessert. We spend much of the day chatting and exchanging anecdotes with lots of fun and laughter.

Once we've finished cooking, we'll lay the table and sit down to appreciate our culinary creations.

Celia on a popular Mexican TV cooking program

Celia and Fidel's restaurant



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