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Weaving the World

Textile and Weaving Tours, Oaxaca, Mexico

Your Host  

Your host and expert guide throughout will be Palmira Serra. She will be there waiting to meet you at Oaxaca Airport when the holiday starts, accompany you through each stage of the course and be with you to see you off at the airport. 
Although she now lives in England, Palmira was born and lived most of her life in Mexico where she studied textiles and design. She was always fascinated by the vibrancy of the various indigenous weaving styles and formed a lifelong love of this beautifully preserved art form and the people who maintained these age old traditions. Her passions include travelling and fabrics of all kind, and she can always be found scouring haberdashery shops and stalls for new and interesting items.
Apart from being your guide, advisor, translator (where necessary) and friend, Palmira can introduce you to the Mexican way of life and knows many of the secrets of Oaxaca - the best places to eat, markets, handicraft shops and hiddens corners that the average visitor might miss.
She is a vegetarian and lover of animals. She is also passionate about maintaining the traditions and way of life of the indigenous peoples of her country. She admires the natural ecological stance of the Zapotec people and is a strong advocate of the fairtrade system whereby they can remain financially self sufficient without diluting their traditional art forms.

Palmira weaving with Nelson, a Zapotec weaver


Palmira grinding añil, natural indigo



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