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Textile and Weaving Tours, Oaxaca, Mexico

Useful Information  

What's included in the package

We will provide every assistance in purchasing the ticket from Heathrow to Oaxaca via our own contact in Aeromexico however we do not purchase the ticket ourselves.

Accommodation at our chosen boutique hotel whilst in Oaxaca - if you decide to spend some days 'doing your own thing' whilst there then the cost of this will up to you

Breakfast and lunch - there may be occasions when we provide an evening meal where timing does not allow for everyone to go out in the evening and choose their own eating place

The cost of all of the courses and the cost of materials used on those courses

Transport to and from the airport

Transport to all courses

Transport to village markets, archaeological sites and other places of interest

Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites

What's not included

Any purchases you may make, even if they are made when visiting artisans in the various villages around Oaxaca

Evening meals, apart from one or two we provide when it is not convenient to go out to town to dine

Any extra trips or visits you may make under your own steam

Any extra accommodation you may choose to stay at outside of the boutique hotel we use for the courses

The cost of any medical treatment you may require whilst in Oaxaca - see Insurance section below

The cost of any items lost or stolen whilst in Oaxaca - see Insurance


It is a requirement of the package that you have medical insurance that will cover you in the event of illness or accident. We would also highly recommend that you have cover for articles of value that might be lost or stolen. Most insurers will do a general travel policy for fairly minimal price that covers all of the usual sorts of mishaps that may occur while travelling.     


Oaxaca is a fairly secure part of Mexico and the region is accustomed to receiving visitors from abroad. However you will need to follow all the usual precautions that you'd follow when in any foreign country. These include keeping a good hold of any expensive items you might have about you such as cameras, purses and jewellery, and keeping an eye on these when seated in public places. Large amounts of cash, credit cards and passports can be kept in a money belt or other secure place. Safes are available in each room to store items of value.     


The standard of hygiene in most restaurants and even smaller eating establishments is usually pretty high. Street sellers might not have such high standards. There are many bugs around that our our stomachs are not used to so make sure you drink only bottled water, best to peel fruit and take something like Dettol hand wash to rub your hands with before eating. "Montezuma's revenge" is the humorous term used for the tummy upsets that can affect foreign travellers but in fact it's no fun being shut in your bathroom for 48 hours so precautions are advisable.


Oaxaca is one of those privileged cities that enjoy a climate that is often referred to as "eternal spring" although afternoons can sometimes be quite hot. Located on Mexico’s high central plateau at an altitude of 1500 metres, the city enjoys a mild climate all year; summer and winter both are generally mild. The evenings get cool enough for a jacket on occasions, so be prepared. Afternoon and evening rains come during the summer months, mostly in July and August. Usually the rain lasts for just a couple of hours after which the sun comes out and the air is much cleaner and the city sparkles. October to May are usually the driest months.    


Be aware that people tend to dress more conservatively in the villages especially amongst the Zapotec people. They know that foreigners may dress differently but it's best to avoid offending sensibilities; shorts or very short skirts may not be appropriate and likewise singlet type tops might be seen as too scanty. As the Oaxaca sun is hot make sure you have ample protection against UV rays in terms of sun cream, suitable garments and hats - it's easy to burn in the first couple of days even when the sky is a bit cloudy.  

Cash / Money

ATMs (cashpoint machines) are readily available in Oaxaca City and are the easiest way to get Mexican pesos. US dollars are accepted in many places; if you are planning on arriving with a little cash in your pocket then dollars will normally be fine if you can't lay your hands on pesos. Also check what commission they're going to be charging you before proceeding with the transaction on screen - Santander currently charges 32 pesos compared to Bancomer's 84 pesos, for example.     


The language of Mexico is Spanish - with its own particular flourish - and the chances are you'll hear some of the native languages spoken by Zapotecs and other groups in and around Oaxaca. Most shopkeepers and restaurant owners will have at least a smattering of English. We will provide a translator for all situations where you need to take instruction from a Spanish only speaker.     




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