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Weaving the World

Textile and Weaving Tours, Oaxaca, Mexico


The itinerary below represents a standard course. When you book, we will send you a questionnaire asking you your preferences about what you'd like to do and see and what your priorities are for the journey. We take these into consideration and adapt each course accordingly. We will normally also have a chat with you about this on the phone to see what you're hoping to get out of the course and make suggestions accordingly.

Mini bus pickup at Oaxaca Airport to take us to our accommodation.
 Day 1 - Saturday
Relaxing morning to recover from flight. Lunch together and introductions all round. Walking tour of Oaxaca City with our own knowledgeable guide. Welcome evening meal in Oaxaca at the famous restaurant El Quince Letras. Relax, socialise, enjoy the new sights and sounds of the Mexican evening.
 Day 2 - Sunday

Breakfast in the courtyard of our accommodation. Visit to the archaeological site of Monte Alban with our own guide. After, visit to the "open chapel" of Cuilapam. Delicious buffet lunch at Restaurante Hacienda Cuilapam. In the afternoon visits to where they make "alebrijes". Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 3 - Monday

Breakfast at home. First day of the weaving course. Introduction to our weaving family followed by a walk to identify and collect some of the plants and seeds used in dyeing. Typical Zapotec lunch with our family. Study of the dyeing process and then our first look at Zapotec designs and how to design your own project. Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 4 - Tuesday

Breakfast at home. Continuation of our designs and general instruction on setting up looms and related processes. Lunch with our hosts. Start weaving our own projects. Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 5 - Wednesday

Breakfast at home. A serious day of steady weaving with hands-on instruction. Lunch with our hosts. A look at the various processes connected with weaving such as spinning, combing and netting. Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 6 - Thursday

Breakfast at home. Students complete their weaving projects. Celebration and exhibition of all of the works of art! Traditional toasting of the completion with a drink of the local mezcal - a rather strong alcoholic beverage made from the heart of the maguey plant - but this isn't compulsory! Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 7 - Friday

Breakfast at home. Cooking class with Celia of the Quince Letras. Starts with visit to market for ingredient and then preparation of several typical Oaxacan dishes. Evening, Guided tour of the Textile Museum with specially arranged guide. Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 8 - Saturday

Breakfast at home. Guided tour of the ex-convent of Ocotlan de Morelos. Demonstration of barro negro - the "black clay" technique. Evening meal in Oaxaca*;
 Day 9 - Sunday

Breakfast.  Guided tour of the archaeological site of Mitla and then a visit to the widest tree in the world at Santa Maria del Tule. See the astounding local market of Tlacolula. Buffet meal at Restaurante La Choza. Demonstration of the production of mezcal. Evening meal in Oaxaca*
 Day 10 - Monday

Free day so that you can make your own purchases and visit any of the places you liked most in Oaxaca. Sad farewells to our hostess and mini bus to the airport.

* Please note that the cost of the evening meal is not included in the course. Generally we will go out as a group or we can go out in smaller numbers to locations we may have spotted in the day. There is no strict timetabling for this and participants may wish to sit with a drink to watch the life of the city and then go on to eat a little later. Be aware that Mexicans tend to dine a fair bit later than Americans.



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