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Weaving the World

Textile and Weaving Tours, Oaxaca, Mexico

Travel Arrangements  

We will be there to meet you at Oaxaca airport and then escort you on to our accommodation. If we know that a number of participants are arriving to catch the same flight down to Oaxaca from Mexico City, we will often be there to accompany you on this final leg of the journey.
Most flights to Oaxaca pass through Mexico City and the flight time will normally around an hour and a quarter. Our own mini bus company will then pick us up from the airport and take us to our accommodation in Oaxaca.

And our minibus is there to welcome us

On arrival, feel free to either catch up on an hour or two's sleep or come for a refreshing morning stroll round the streets of Oaxaca. Or simply sit and have a cup of coffee in the courtyard of our accommodation.

Relax on arrival



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