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Textile and Weaving Tours, Oaxaca, Mexico

Barro negro - black clay demonstration  

Wikipedia: "Oaxaca is one of few Mexican states which is characterized by the continuance of its ancestral crafts, which are still used in everyday life. Barro negro is one of several pottery traditions in the state, ... however, barro negro is the best known and most identified with the state." This particular method of pottery dates back to the time of Monte Alban (250 BC - 500 AD) however in the 1950s a potter by the name of Doña Rosa enhanced this artform by a technique which could add a brilliant sheen to the otherwise matte finish simply by polishing with a quatz crystal.
Our visit will allow you to see how this process is still carried out by modern potters of the village without using a wheel and without the use of glazes. This is a thoroughly enjoyable demonstration and a fascination insight into a more than 2000 year old technique used right up to this day. There will also be the opportunity to view the gallery of thousands of pieces of artwork and purchase some if you wish too.

Example of barro negro

Hands-on demonstration of the technique 

Gallery and display area



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