Weaving the World

Aboveground: A show

Underground: Collaborative inquiry, building shared context

We're putting on a show to weave a global brain, because we believe a shared memory is important to move civilization forward.

Above ground, this show will look like the hundreds of thousands of other interesting vlogs and podcasts. You can find our vlog here, and our podcast here.

Below ground is where things get interesting.

If you'll forgive the mixed metaphors, Weaving the World will be feeding The Big Fungus.

Wait, what?

As you'll see in this cool nature video, leafcutter ants can't digest leaves. So what are millions of them doing carrying leaf bits to their nests? In the nests, a specialized subset of those ants mulches the leaves with their saliva, then adds that mixture to a fungus that they tend symbiotically.

They're also known as "farmer" ants. They all eat the fungus and the nectar it generates.

What if, metaphorically, we were helping one another weave a shared context that was nutritious for civilization? A context that included Wikipedia, but went way beyond it?

That's what we're doing here. Weaving the World is feeding The Big Fungus.

We'd love it if you jumped in. There's a chance we can improve education, journalism, politics, science, publishing and more.